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  1. 10 Things You Can Do with Your Friends Besides Dinner 611

    Aristotle said that without friendship, people cannot be happy: "In poverty and in other misfortunes of life, true friends are a refuge." Good friends can be a great support and a sounding board in any circumstance. If we receive good news, we want to call them and celebrate it in their company. And if we go through a bad time, the friends are on our side to listen, give us advice and try to get us out of the pit. We rejoice with their joys, we grieve with their sorrows.
    Different studies, including some developed by the Mayo Clinic, point out that having friends can help us improve our well-being and longevity. It is already known that older people who have close friends are happier than those who do not have them, but it is also that people without friends around them are more likely to develop chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes or depression. Studies also show that, despite the proliferation of social networks, which apparently help us to be more in ...
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